Thursday, 9 August 2012

Read with me: Tolstoy's Anna Karenina

Best Friend and I talked last night - she lives interstate - and compared notes about our current reading. I'm posting my new copy of Antonia Forest's Autumn Term to her, because she's not read them. What happens for the rest of the series after she reads it, I'm not sure... However, one thing we did talk about was a number of big classics that we'd either read so long ago that it'd be almost like reading them new again, or that we'd never quite managed at all.

Remember a while ago after one of my falls from grace in the bookstore near my office, I mentioned buying a copy of Anna Karenina because a blogger I follow is reading it and invited people to join her and read along? Well, BF and I are starting now. So, I'm issuing an invitation to any of my followers to join us. Who hasn't read it but has always meant to? Who, like BF and I, haven't read it since high school? Who would like to join us and p'raps contribute to a chat along the way? Then, at the end, I can direct the other blogger to our chats, and see if we can't get some cross blog stuff going on!!

This post, by the way, is also a means of putting myself in a position of having to start reading now, because BF has already done so, and said to me last night she doesn't want to read this by herself just, knowing she'll read this (and will probably laugh), I'm saying, for the record, that it's tonight's reading when I've finished the assignment I'm working on - and, what's more, has displaced the last of the Marlow books! Greater love etc, etc...


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am now a new follower of yours :)

    I read Anna K for the first time last year and I simply loved it. I'm not ready for a reread yet, but will look forward to reading all of the posts and reviews.

    1. Hi Sam,


      I'm really enjoying Anna Karenina this time around. I time for everything, I guess - even books! Or, perhaps, especially for books...