Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Book junkie quilt!

I have a number of 'crafty' friends - crafty as in those who like to do things with their hands, as opposed to crafty in the Artful Dodger sense! One of them is a very fine quilter, in fact. I love quilts. I don't quilt. I suspect that taking up quilting would be a potentially dangerous thing for me to do, given my already limited space for various stashes - i.e. books, fabric (for dressmaking), yarn (I knit), art supplies, etc...

However, now and again, I see a quilt that almost - only almost... - tempts me. Like this one:
I know at least one person who follows my blog who is going to look at this and have a huge attack of the wants...and he may even leave a wee comment about it...

Who else wants one of these???