Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Book junkie quilt!

I have a number of 'crafty' friends - crafty as in those who like to do things with their hands, as opposed to crafty in the Artful Dodger sense! One of them is a very fine quilter, in fact. I love quilts. I don't quilt. I suspect that taking up quilting would be a potentially dangerous thing for me to do, given my already limited space for various stashes - i.e. books, fabric (for dressmaking), yarn (I knit), art supplies, etc...

However, now and again, I see a quilt that almost - only almost... - tempts me. Like this one:
I know at least one person who follows my blog who is going to look at this and have a huge attack of the wants...and he may even leave a wee comment about it...

Who else wants one of these???


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I die!!! If I had this quilt in my bed, I would never get out of it. Ever. And one of my favorite books of all time -- Of Human Bondage -- is part of it!

    Speaking of quilting, I'm quite fascinated by the craft actually, especially since I have no quilting (or needlework) skills at all. I'm amazed at the idea that quilting, which was once a solitary act has now turned into something that the a group/community can do.

  2. That was even quicker than I'd anticipated, Peter!!! I KNEW this had your name all over it :-)

    The quilting part of making a patchwork quilt was a communal activity. The piecing together was done, usually by a single person, over time. Then, when the top was finished, the wadding added, and the backing was tacked in place, groups of women would come together to 'quilt' it - the decorative stitches that hold all the layers together.

    I have a list of quilts I'd love to have, but I don't dare start making them - it's a HUGE pile of unfinished objects that I can see mounting up to join the knitting, dressmaking, reading and artwork!! Although, this one - if the fabric could be sourced - would be a very simple project that could be done on a machine.

    There's always something...


  3. What a wonderful idea for a quilt!

    1. I think I need to go chase the fabric now, Arabella!!