Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Quotable quotes...

It's being one of those weeks - bits of reading, bits of knitting, occasional sleeping, and LOTS of work to do that's proving to be a bit more of a challenge than it really should be. Just back online at home after an unexpected Internet outage - and at work, the last two days have had more tech glitches than anyone should have to manage!

However, in consistent form, my librarian friend posted this pic on Facebook which made me laugh - the writer's variation on the instructions I remember about always wearing my best knickers when I went out in case I was in an accident...
Favourite quotes anyone? Throw them in a comment for us all to enjoy...lets see what kind of a collection we can amass.


  1. This from a celebrity here in the Philippines who was being interviewed in line with her brother's unfortunate (and embarrassing) circumstance:

    'Don't judge my brother. He is not a book!'

    LOL! Sad, but true story. Of course, no one took her seriously.

    1. Oh dear!!

      Once again, you're first cab off the rank!