Tuesday, 17 July 2012

...continuing 'The Great T-Shirt Hunt'

You know how lots of websites have one of those generic 'Contact Us' forms where you fill in a bunch of required fields and then write your message into the little box required? I've, in the absence of any other means of contact, used them on odd occasions and, once in a blue moon, I've actually received a reply. However, I don't think I've ever had such a nice reply as the one that came from Andrew, a one of the customer support staff at Abe Books, where I enquired about the Penguin t-shirt; which is, apparently a sweatshirt - even I really, really want one!
Thank you for contacting AbeBooks. I asked Beth from our Marketing Team, and here was her response:
“You’re not the first to ask after that particular item. The coveted 'damaged Penguins' sweatshirt belongs to a proud member of our Quality Assurance department, who procured it from a site called campus bookstore. Unfortunately for you, that was many years ago now, and as best we can tell, that particular design is, ironically, out of print. If we happen to find a source for them, we’ll be sure to post it on our Facebook wall.”
Apart from being ironically amused by being told that the sweatshirt was 'out of print', my reaction was...well, probably I shouldn't print it! 

Anyway, I did a bit more research about Campus Bookstore. It's at Queen's University, in the Kingston, Ontario*. So, to my North American followers: do any of you know this place? Maybe they can provide some more information. Can we hunt down a sweatshirt or two...given that we know I want one, and Peter (see comment on previous post) wants one too, and I guess, eventually, we're all going to have to have them...!

To refresh your memories - and whet the appetites and little more...nothing like a little encouragement - here it is again:
*Edited after further helpful communication from Andrew at Abe Books - thanks Andrew!


  1. Any luck with finding it yet? I'm another who would REALLY love it!!

    -Rob from Adelaide, Australia

  2. Sadly, no - it was a limited edition thing that's not been repeated.

  3. so sad, we want reissue please :(