Thursday, 26 July 2012

Book junkie accessories

My librarian friend posted this photo on Facebook last night. It's just after 6am - roll on the end of the 5am every morning alarm clock... - and I'm thinking one of these would be a mighty fine thing for tucking in with my book and morning bucket of tea:
Following Librarian's FB post back through the links, I found the source here, because my instant thought was 'I WANT ONE!'

However, having an early morning moment of sensible reflection - the caffeine must be just starting to hit the brain cells - it occurs to me that instead of spending the nearly $40 it would cost to buy and have have it shipped from America, I could tuck that $40 away in the 'secret' place in my wallet and save it for the next time I wander past a bookstore... Just a thought! However, the link is there for those of you who can't resist, or have money for books and other cool book related things.


  1. Cute. I'm with you. Having always had limited funds, I believe that what I have should be spent on the display piece rather than the display case.

    I'm dropping by to leave this here so you and your books-exclusively friends can see it. Charlene at is involved in something called a Blog Hop for book-relevant sites. She explains it there, and a site like yours should get involved.

    Carpe dime!
    - Jack

    1. Thanks for the link, Jack - just having a look now!