Friday, 15 June 2012

There's more to life than books...????

Thanks again to a friend who has a great source of pics that she posts on Facebook... Loved this:
And to demonstrate this in a very practical way - today I had my annual trip to Sydney's Craft and Quilting Show with my knitting buddy. I did buy wool (and have three new garments soon to grace the wardrobe - and me!) but I also came out of there with three books! She said to me, "Of course you can write about them in your blog - they're BOOKS..." So, a brief mention - and, no pressure for me (!) I'll come back with finished products as I get them done. They are very cool - a book of knitting patterns that don't resemble any knitting pattern I've ever met before, and amazing yarns - linen/cotton mixes, silk, stainless steel - I kid you not... And two books by a Japanese designer of amazing, flexible designs for clothes - dressmaking this time. The garments are all going to complement each other beautifully - and will help reduce the stash of fabric that Dearly Beloved is eyeing with clearly obvious thoughts of storage.

Meantime, I'm a bit between reads. There are still two Wyndhams to go, but I got distracted in a bookshop the other day when I discovered that Joanne Harris has written another book with Chocolat heroine, Vianne Rocher, Peaches for Monsieur le Cure. I bought both of them yesterday, but I've just realised there's one that sits in between that I didn't even know about - Girl with no Shadow. I started reading Chocolat last night - I've only ever seen the film - and now I have to hunt down the middle book...sigh! This is not good for the strain on either my budget or the bookcases...

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