Sunday, 20 April 2014

Book Bingo

Twenty-two posted this pic on Facebook yesterday, suggesting he and I do it. I thought it might be one way to get myself out of my blogging rut. Peter over at Kyusireader is part-way through a self-imposed challenge to read what he calls 'dead guys' - another term for classics! He's doing it in alphabetical order - you can read his latest post here. The intention was, as I recall, a mix of getting to some of those books one 'should' read, as well as tackling some tomes that had been sitting, unread, on his bookcases for some time. I thought about it, did a cruise of my bookcases, and decided that I'd probably have to buy too many books to be able to justify that particular challenge! I've been VERY good lately, in terms of bookshops, and have managed to stay clear and not spend money I really can't afford, apart from my recent foray in the the National Portrait Gallery shop - although I defy anyone to tell me it's possible to visit a good gallery shop and NOT buy books...sigh!

I like the somewhat random collection of ideas on this Bingo card, so I think I might just go ahead with it. I'm not going to set myself a time limit though - that's asking for trouble! I'll post as I finish each book, and if anyone wants to join me and hop in with comments on their books, please go right ahead. I'll start with a book set on a different continent - because I'm just about finished a lovely re-read of a novel set in Italy. After that, it'll be the first book by a favourite author - because I'm on a Mary Wesley re-reading jag, and I think that it's her first book that's the last one left on the bookcase... Beyond that, check the end of each post so you can keep up with where I'm going next.

Happy reading!


  1. Hi, Kaz! Thank you so much for the shoutout! I really am enjoying the dead guys/writers challenge so much. I never knew that I would like Hardy!

    The reading bingo can be quite fun, I think. I'll mention this to the book club. I know those guys -- they're always up for a challenge!

    1. Hi Peter - you're welcome! I probably need to read something other than the two of Hardy's I've already read, I think.

      Tell your book club folk to hop on and say what they're reading if any of them decide to do the book bingo - could be quite good fun to see what other people are reading.

  2. Jambo! I have the reading tastes of a 10-year old boy, and refuse to apologize for it. With the exception of the handful who actually have something happening in their books (Poe, Kipling, Verne, Wells, you know the list) I view the classics as the greatest cure for insomnia ever invented.

    Having recently become an indie author, and seeing from the inside what they're up against, my new challenge for myself is to select more reading from among my fellow independents and write reviews for them in places that will do them some good, which in this day and age means Dickens, Keats, and the Bronte sisters were all at some point lonely scribblers with a pen and a dream. Tomorrow's classics are on someone's reading list right now. My new quest is to help ferret them out. I'd invite you to join me, but you need a certain juvenile outlook for this sort of work, I think, so I'll just let you know if I find anything...

    1. Hola Jack! Sounds like an interesting reading journey ahead for you, and I hope you'll drop some of your findings on your pages as well so those of us who read you can follow and enjoy. At the moment, I'm pulling things of my bookcases that I've not read for a long time - bearing in mine that previous culls have been dictated by whether or not I re-read books within a, there are some that are reading like new discoveries, and will live to see another year in the collection! This bingo thing is giving me a reason to pick some of them up - so it's a new layer of interest...