Sunday, 5 January 2014

Reading is good for the soul - science says so!

Random fact for the day - because what's a day without a new random fact?! The Sydney Morning Herald carried a story today that I just had to share. The contents won't surprise a dedicated reader, I'm sure, but the stinger is in the second half of the article when it points out that while the many benefits of reading are well known, the fact that there's now scientific data to support the anecdotal evidence,  means 'the idea seems, rightly or wrongly, more like something you can take to the bank.'

However it's fun reading, so here's the link:
Photo: Quentin Jones via the SMH

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  1. Fun reading indeed! Thanks for the link, Kaz! People should just read more, no? While I'm not really into e-readers, I'm glad that, here in the Philippines, more and more people are getting into reading because books have become more accessible with these devices.