Monday, 16 December 2013

I've got mail!

You've Got Mail, starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, is one of my all time favourite movies. At the time it came out, I was living next door to a cool guy who became one of my very good buddies, and because he worked shifts, and I was coming and going at all sorts or random times between kids, art school and work, we caught up with each other by leaving notes on each other's doors. So when this movie came out, WE went out on a kind of a date - although, it was a buddy date more than anything, and we've continued to have those when we meet up - which is less often now two states away!

ANYWAY. Today, I GOT MAIL. I got VERY cool mail. I got a book. Not just any book. I got THIS book:
This less than wonderful image was taken in my study, with my iPhone in poor light. THIS image I got from Google Images, via Goodreads - cos my mate Jack, after much hassling, got his steampunk stories into an actual book. Which you can go BUY on Amazon.
These stories are the best fun. Seriously. Yes, Jack's a mate of mine, and regulars on my blog will have seen his comments on various posts, but, as I said to him when I reviewed the first of these stories ages ago (in this post, which remains firmly fixed on the No.1 top spot for most popular post on my blog, EVER), I didn't review the story because he's my mate. I reviewed it because it was a cracking good story.

Here's a link to Jack's website, where you can get some background on the stories -
Beyond the Rails

So, if you need something for that hard to get person - get online, go to Amazon, and BUY THIS BOOK. 



Oh...and yrs truly gets a wee mention - but you have go HERE to BUY the book to find out where... 


  1. Door-to-door in twelve days. Not bad. In the time described in the stories, twelve months would have been closer to the mark!

    Good morning, Kaz. I see you got your package. I just hope you're this enthusiastic after you've read it! And here's another wee mention for your collection: While I wouldn't say there was all that "much hassling," Kaz was for the record the first one to tell me these stories belonged in a book. There is a handful of people, Kaz prominent among them, who have been there with support and encouragement from the very beginning, and this wouldn't have come about without their constant reminders that this bit of fluff had value. Thanks for all of that, Kaz, Arabella, Patrick, Kristine, Lord let's hope I didn't forget anyone; I'm having a ball!

    All the best,
    ~ Your "mate," Jack "Blimprider" Tyler

    1. Ah, well, obviously it came via express dirigible!!

  2. Oh, wow! Congratulations to Jack! The cover does look very awesome!

    1. We'll just have a little celebratory party here on my blog for the launch, shall we?! Who's bringing the bubbly?