Monday, 4 February 2013

Penguin Desk

Oh, but I am loving this - and I'm betting that over at Kyusireader, Peter will be drooling when he sees it...
You could keep the books in one piece by making sure they're all the same thickness and then topping it with a heavy sheet of purpose cut glass if you didn't want to dismember them. Alternatively, a thrift shop trawl for as big as possible a variety of old penguins that you weren't fussed about pulling apart, then gluing down the covers...then a resin seal. Mmmmm... Might have to pop this onto my bucket list of projects for 'one day'!


  1. I want! Yes, I'm so drooling over this! I did buy their boxed set of postcards. Maybe I can do something like this with that!

  2. I thought you might be!! Great idea for the postcards, though. I didn't think of that. No disemboweling of books!! Excellent.