Monday, 14 May 2012

What writers get up to when not writing...
Marcel Proust with tennis raquet guitar

This is - due to work pressures, and the imminent house move - what another blogger I follow calls an 'interim post'. I'm still reading - saving my sanity - but it's a deep retreat into kid's lit, and not a lot of headspace for commentary. So, enjoy these...
Another gem from one of my Facebook buddies - so, my writer friends out there (bloggers included...), what are your means of blowing off steam??

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  1. Main steam blow-off, me and my daughter Nine fire up the XBox, and slaughter terrorists by the mortuary van-full (Rainbow 6, Conflict, etc). Sometimes I take Bonnie out for a photo shoot, or switch out plants in the garden (current pix: My back does not appreciate that; the old gray dude, he ain't what he used to be! So far, I have been unable to train any plants to crawl out of their nursery pots, and plant themselves. Working on that. I'll let you know if I get it...

    1. Back on deck - everything's moved...!

      Well, there are actual garden beds at this new place, so this little black duck will be getting stuck into making them productive.

      Otherwise, for me, it's movies, reading, getting out of the house and into the fresh air doing any number of different things. It's just good to get OUT!

      And for now, some work...

  2. Doing my normal procrastination having been at work for 4.5 hours at it isn't even lunch time yet. I blow of steam much like Jack - blowing stuff up on the computer.

    Usually it is with super technology from alien races in the future (Warhammer 40,000) or it is with hands full of fire, ice and lightning (Diablo 3, Dragon Age 2, Warcraft, Skyrim, etc). Escaping into a book is nice, but sometimes escaping into an environment that you affect and can react to second to second can be much more cathartic.

    1. Oddly enough, but fairly logically in a way, when not 'work' writing, I'm blowing off steam blogging more these days - which is more writing! Quite mad, really...