Sunday, 27 May 2012

Looking at bookcases

Oh my - this has to be one of the ultimate bookcases I've come across... I was having a moment between things, did a search of bookcase images and found this - a whole house made of bookcases... That's got to be my idea of heaven!

A House Made Of Bookcases 
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You have to hand it to the Japanese for fitting more of anything into a single space. This is in Osaka and the floor space is flexible apparently. Pretty cool, huh?

So, my fellow book junkies, do we all want one? 


  1. Uhhh, I note how empty these are overall, and wonder a) What would it cost to fill them, and b) How many books can a person realistically read in the course of a normal life (and c, where would I hang my stolen masterpieces?). Sorry, I couldn't stand being that one-dimensional. Thanks, I'll pass...

    1. Granted, on all points, Jack. However, I CAN see a room in a house constructed like this - the ultimate book space. On the up side, there is no room either for a television, or for Sixteen's guitars to be left lying around to fall over...

      Filling them...well, I'm thinking I could offer book space to those who don't have enough room (this is dear to my heart, given a portion of my collection is languishing in storage). This would cost nothing, in terms of filling the shelves, and would offer ME more reading, in addition to the thankful owners who could come and take sanctuary away from their bookless places...

      The stolen masterpieces would have to hang elsewhere in the house - but then, many of what would be on the shelves are, in fact masterpieces. And, coming from an artist who makes things to hang on walls, that's no mean statement!!!

      I really do have to get ready for work...

  2. It is really amazing and this design of home show the love of home owner for books. I love it.

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  3. Hi Matt,

    Welcome to my blog!

    Indeed it is amazing. Finding your comment brought me back to this post and the photo, which I'd not looked at for a while.


  4. You can look at bookcases given ghere. Thay are just wonderful