Sunday, 13 May 2012

National Year of Reading

  Free novels in cafés for National Year of Reading

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook:

Go Coventry Library, in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia - this is very cool!!


  1. Good morning! This looks like a great investment for libraries to make with their, what's the word, discards? Here in the San Diego area, libraries typically put their older books in a sale rack at giveaway prices ($1.00 US or less). I'll try to find a way to forward this to them for their consideration, although their funding here is by County Government, and they're usually among the first things to be cut back; I don't know how much extra they bring in with these sales, but it's worth a look, right? Thanks for the idea!

    - JT

    1. 'morning Jack,

      Our libraries generally have a rack of discards that you can buy cheaply too, and then there are big annual sales as well - very dangerous places! But this is such a different idea - and the publishers and authors getting involved is terrific. This is happening in Adelaide, where I lived for years. I've not seen anything like it in Sydney. It would be a great thing to see happening in more places.

      Let me know how you go spreading the word over there!