Thursday, 26 January 2012

Books for Sale....

OK, I'm biting the bullet - I'm not  hoarder in the true sense, because I can and do clear stuff and get rid of it on a semi regular basis. However, I do find it difficult to offload books. Having said that, I didn't realise how many duplicates I had in my children's book collection until this most recent move. So, here we go bibliophiles - for the big kids out there who continue to treasure quality writing for children, here's the list:

K.M. Peyton, Flambards Divided, Penguin paperback, 1982, good condition
This is the fourth in the Flambards series, that was made into a TV series by the BBC which I've never seen and would dearly love to! Not sure if the books are still in print or not.

Ethel Turner,  Three Little Maids, Ward Lock hardcover, name plate inscribed 1956 (WL didn't date all their editions), good condition - a few small age spots, cover a little faded.
Ethel Turner's most autobiographical novel - tells the story of a widow and her three little daughters who, with little money to her name, migrates to Australia in the late 1800s.

Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little House on the Prairie, Puffin paperback, 1976, excellent condition
Those of you who know the books will know that this is NOT very much like the television series of the same name! The second in Laura's biographical series, when the family leave Wisconsin to begin their travels west into Indian country. This paperback edition with a facsimile cover of the hardback copy and all the original illustrations throughout.

Noel Streatfield - LOTS!
Thursday's Child, Lion paperback, 1983, excellent condition 
The orphaned Margaret, who is sent from her home with an impoverished vicar to an orphanage, runs away with two boys she's befriended after shocking ill treatment. Their adventures on one of England's canal boat and with rep theatre companies is delightful - fairy story ending...

Ballet Shoes, Puffin paperback, 1962, pristine condition
Remember my earlier post? This is one of THE children's classics - one of the 'Shoes' books mentioned in You've Got Mail, a must for little girls - and their mothers, aunts and older friends...!

The Circus is Coming, puffin paperback, 1967, pristine condition
Published in America as Circus Shoes - another of the 'Shoes' books. An orphaned brother and sister are plunged into circus life with their unknown uncle after the death of the aunt who has previously cared for them. Great fun!

White Boots, Puffin paperback, 1981, excellent condition
Another of the 'Shoes' books (Skating Shoes in the US), this one about a little girl recovering from a serious illness who is advised by her doctor to take up skating for her health. Lovely family portrait - she is the only girl in her large family. Also, a very frank telling of the dynamics of different relationships.

The Growing Summer, Lion paperback, 1994, good condition
Four children are sent to stay with their great aunt in Ireland when their father is taken ill and their mother has to care for him. Great Aunt Dymphna is not your average aunt, living wild in a huge run down country house and they have to fend for themselves. And then, there is the mysterious boy who appears, telling them he is on the run and they must hide him and help him... Absolutely delightful.

When the Siren Wailed, Lion paperback, 1977, good condition
A story of three children evacuated from London who leave their safe place in the country to go back to their parents and get caught up in the Blitz. Streatfield was an air raid warden during World War II and there is a wonderfully accurate sense of authenticity about the children's experiences in bombed London.

So, the way to do this would be for anyone interested to contact me direct - via the blog, my Facebook page or email. $10 each for the books plus postage. I have a Paypal account or I can send you my bank account info for direct deposit. Sydneysiders can let me know a good time for us to meet up for hand delivery...and maybe a quick coffee!

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