Thursday, 15 November 2012

Places to read

As any card-carrying book junkie will tell you, you don't need special, designated reading spaces. You can read anywhere. On the bus, on the train, in the bath, in bed, at a cafe, and the list goes on...

However, having said that, I have to say that the idea of specially created spaces just for reading are one of those concepts that my book junkie friends and I lust after. DB must be catching on, because we've been browsing properties - it's part of the motivational plan for keeping on keeping on at what we're doing so that, ultimately, we can actually go and buy one of them! We saw a simply gorgeous, perfect property the other night. Not least among its many attractions was the nook off the kitchen area - it was about three-quarters the size of a double bed, it popped out from the main wall line so it had windows with deep sills on three sides (wide enough for a mug of tea or glass of wine) and was piled with cushions. DB's first comment on seeing it was that he knew where he'd find me... And, it wasn't the only space like that in the house.

And then, serendipitously, I realised I had a little collection of images I've found since I've been blogging of different reading spaces. It's also, sort of, a follow on from my previous post...

What do you think? Any favourites from these? I do rather like the idea of the wander through the garden to that rather choice separate building... The ultimate book junkie folly - a library at the bottom of the garden - it tickles! I don't think the one at the top is terribly practical, but I was reminded of the Mitford books with all the girls retreating to the airing cupboard. Tucking away into the bookcase itself isn't unappealing!

I will get back to specifically book-related posts - right now, the books that are dominating my life are the liturgical books for Advent and Christmas, and the January Orchestral Masses at St James'. Not something that will appear here on the blog - but, time consuming and draining, requiring much screen time so that when I get home with time to blog, the last thing I want to do is look at another computer screen.


  1. Love the idea of a library in the garden, what could be more perfect.

  2. Hi Arabella!

    We looked at another property some time back. Whopping great big place in the eastern suburbs with a pool and a tennis court in the back yard (which would have come up and become garden had we had it...). At the bottom of the garden (what is it about that phrase?!) there was a self contained little building that was just one room with a tiny but well planned kitchenette and a bathroom. It had a deck out to the back of it, creating an utterly private space - DB suggested that THAT could be mine, as a library...

    Methinks I may have outgrown it in time, and there were some lovely long walls in the main house...!