Thursday, 2 May 2013

The great book pile up

Hello people! I have succumbed to the great contemporary curse of being 'too busy'. There was an article not so long ago in our local paper all about this that made some telling points about just what that busy-ness really is and how much of it we might legitimately be able to let go. I'm working on that...

Meantime, the books are piling up. I have a work-at-home day ahead of me, so have committed the ultimate work-at-home no-no by getting onto the computer still in pjs (no pics of THAT will be coming to you via this platform!) and getting started before it all looks too overwhelming. But as part of my general run around to clear the decks before I started I sorted the books that were everywhere. DB was heard to mutter last night dark things about living with someone who leaves books lying around all over the house...personally, as a decorative item, I think they have to come higher on the list than teenage gym shoes, sundry electronic cables, various backpacks that lurk with the express purpose of engineering broken necks, and any number of other items waiting to be put away, but there you go! The photo below - taken before the stack was sorted into its respective piles - is the current backlog waiting for attention here before being shelved.
This stack does not include the books I read but didn't feel moved to write about. The three at the right hand end are the to-be-reads; the next three are the reading in progress; the rest...ouchies....are those waiting for blog posts... Clearly, I need to get less busy with other things so I can get more busy with my blog! Equally clearly, I need more bookcase space, because there is a much larger stack on the floor next to one of the other bookcases and there's no space for them on the shelves.

I have 3,000-3,500 words to write today for a freelance assignment that isn't yet started, so that's it for now as far as blogging is concerned today. But, I will leave you - this is an idea from Arabella over at The Genteel Arsenal - with a quote from one of the current reads, The Winter of our Disconnect by Susan Maushart:
In my day, if you wanted to play violent interactive games, watch inappropriate content and converse with dodgy strangers, you had to wait for a family reunion.
Intrigued? Watch this space....


  1. Such a happy problem, Kaz!

    And I think it's true—we've become too busy being busy! :-)

  2. Oh, I know, Peter - re the nature of the problem!

    The busy's insidious. I'm working on a quiet revolution before desperation strikes!!

  3. Loved the Susan Maushart book.

    1. I just finished reading it Rachel - but I want to re-read bits before I write about it.

      My godmother didn't have a TV - which was really the only electronic equipment in our day - in her house until the last of her four children finished high school - she was the one who informed us, should we complain of boredom, that boring people get bored... With ten acres outside the front door, horses, dogs, a dam, and some virgin scrub, there was really no reason at all for us to get bored anyway, and I can't say we ever missed it. My mother regulated our TV at levels that would be unthinkable to most kids today - must remember to tell Seventeen that. To this day, I get incredulous reactions to my comments about shows I've NEVER seen...! But it was normal. We did other things - mostly roaring around outside on our street and up at the vacant lot at the top of the street.

      I'm a fan of this book...just sayin'...