Friday, 4 May 2012

Modjeska does fiction...

Oh my.... Drusilla Modjeska has just published her first novel, The Mountain. For this, I will have to visit a bookshop, and soon...

This woman is one of my biggest inspirations as a writer. Every time I read her work, I find myself writing madly. The blend of biography and fiction that is uniquely hers - Poppy, The Orchard - offered me an insight into how I might begin to bring the stories in my head to life. Her joint biography on Grace Cossington Smith and Stella Bowen, Stravinsky's Lunch, broke all the classic rules of biographies, focusing on the issues of both women as they struggled to maintain a balance between their art and their loves. Their life stories were there, but with layers of insight that are often missing from more standard books in the genre. It is ages and ages since she published something new.

There is a wonderful article in today's Sydney Morning Herald - itself well worth the read. But, methinks a trip to Oscars tomorrow will be on the list of things to do...


  1. Good morning, Kaz (at least where I am...). I just wanted to touch base with you. When you write exclusively on books and literature, any individual reader (like myself) is going to be unfamiliar with many subjects that you cover, and not have anything meaningful to contribute to a discussion. I just want to let you know that I am still reading you, and will not hesitate to offer my opinion when it seems relevant. Meanwhile, I try to improve by incorporating yours. I have recently added two series to my reading list based on captivating reviews by Peter at Kyusireader and Arabella at The Genteel Arsenal; yours could be next! I'm still on the path with you.

    - Jack

    1. Hi Jack - great to hear from you, and good to hear that you've been lurking on my blog. I'm waiting in anticipation for your projected post on 8 May...

      My reading lately has been very random - a combination of time and work pressure, and the serendipity of book sales! I am about to embark on some research for a presentation I am doing in July, so I have some major art history and theological works to dig through. There could be some commentary landing here from that.