Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I dream of a library

OK, I just found this amazing photo - when my bookshelves grow up, they want to look just like this:

To totally customise it, I would want to change the rug on the floor - it needs to be much bigger, and more luxurious. Then add a huge squashy couch with lots of cushions and a mohair rug, for curling up and reading on a chilly day. A few side tables for the current reading list... A couple of armchairs for visiting readers. Oh, and lamps - I love lamps. Although, the lighting on the bookshelves themselves is pretty cool.

I love that there is natural light from those wonderful windows - without sacrificing too much book space. And I just lust after the whole mezzanine, grown up library second level thing - hopefully there's a funky circular staircase to get up there.

A girl's gotta dream...

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