Saturday, 14 July 2012


Well, this blog has passed another milestone - at seventy-five posts, the page views for all time passed the 3,000 mark. Thank you so much to all my readers - the regulars, the occasionals, the lurkers, and those who engage via comments. This has been, and continues to be, a marvelously rich and sometimes surprising venture.

The guest posts, which are a new feature, weren't planned. They just kind of happened out of casual conversations with the two people who have contributed thus far. However, I like the variation they offer, having different voices contributing to my world of books is interesting for me - and I hope for my readers. Keep an eye out - there may be further guests appearing at odd moments.

With many thanks, once again, to my librarian friend, source of many great images, the only image that seemed to be appropriate for this post:


  1. Excellent! Let me claim the honor of offering the first congrats! Congrats for sticking it out to this point, and congrats for attracting a loyal following; for sure you're one of the highlights of my surfing safaris...

    1. Why thank you kindly, my friend!

      Amusingly enough, I caught up with one of my English friends on Facebook last night, and turns out she's one of my lurkers!

      However, it's not really about the head count - I'm having a great time with this blog, and if other people are enjoying it too, that's a marvelous bonus!