Sunday, 5 August 2012

Book Olympics

Librarian posted this pic on Facebook overnight. In the light of current events, I thought it appropriate to share it here:
So what would the events be, I wonder? Single short story sprint? Chapter by chapter relays? The War and Peace marathon? Any other ideas?


  1. At the end of the year, the book club has this fun awards ceremony where we crown the one who read the most books for the year. And every year, it's won by this lovely lady who reads 250 books a year on the average. And to think that she has a career and is a mother! How can I compete with that?!

  2. Wow. It's the keeping count I'd have trouble does she remember to do that?! I have probably managed that many most years, although I'd be pushing it this year.

  3. The book club is based on Shelfari, a website that helps you keep track of your reading. All you have to do is just log in to the site and update your shelf. Pretty cool actually.