Friday, 3 January 2014

Ultimate writer t-shirt!

Hi - I'm back! We had a holiday - a real, honest to goodness pack up the car, drive for hours a long way from Sydney kind of holiday. And it was so good. I have a monstrous stack of new books - new new and second hand new. Those little country towns... excellent book hunting territory. The second hand places are absolute treasure troves, and the new book shops are all quirky independents that are an pleasure to patronise. We're still unpacking and sorting out the piles of stuff - came home with so much more stuff than we took with us...! When I'm done, I'll get the books together and post a pic of my haul - and then get down to the serious business of reading and writing.

We got back to more mail - my mailbox has been much more interesting than usual in recent times. Here's what was waiting for me last night:
I got it from Threadless - which is a great source of original t-shirt designs, where the artists get a percentage of the price, so it's really worth supporting.

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