Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Happiness is...

I saw this meme on Facebook just now, and decided it was a SIGN...a sign to get back to this poor neglected blog. I've been doing a lot over at The Original Dragon Mother over the last little while, and quite a bit of freelance work, so with one thing and another, I've not been here. 

I spotted the meme when I went back for another FB wander just after I'd got off the phone to Oscar and Friends (remember them? My favourite little bookshop in Double Bay?) It seems that Drusilla Modjeska has written a memoir - or part of one, anyway... I got an email from Random House - I can't remember how I landed on their mailing list, but there you go. Just as I was about to delete the email, I saw Modjeska's I opened it instead. I had NO idea she'd embarked on a memoir, so I got on the phone to the good folk at Oscars, and yes, it IS out; no, they don't have a copy; but, yes, they have it on order and they can put me down for one. Big smiles at this end, and no little amusement at the other, since my excitement was just a tad obvious.

I've just trawled back through my posts and discovered, much to my surprise, that I've only touched a little bit on how important Modjeska's work is to me, personally and as a writer. I don't know how that comes about - I'd best get back on track reading and blogging and rectify that. I did find a mention of one book, Poppy, in this post. It's the book that started me with Modjeska, and I own all of her books - well, once I get hold of this memoir, I will! Now, I just have to wait for that all important phone call...

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