Monday, 4 November 2013

More books....gotta have more books....

The Librarian posted this meme on Facebook yesterday, and it cracked me up - it's only people who AREN'T book junkies that don't get this:
I made a decision yesterday though... I had some time to kill before an appointment and I was in Double Bay...location of one of my favourite indi book shops. I found two of the books on my current list right inside the door, so it was a very simple operation. I did think though, that it's time to impose a bit of a budget on the book purchasing - not that I go berserk. There isn't enough spare cash to do that at the moment. However, restacking the books on Saturday reminded me of particular gaps in the collection, which will require hunting second hand shops and eBay. So, I think I can safely say that it's not just about wanting more books. It's wanting more particular books!


  1. Get a load of you with your rapid-fire posts! I read your last post and was going to return to comment, finally got back, and here's a new one. It's good to see you this engaged, even if it is only at a keyboard. Your new library looks great. My crib looks like somebody blew up a Salvation Army store right now; I'm so jealous!

    Well, all I can tell you is have fun on your scavenger hunt. Those are things that I miss with the coming of the internet. I guess there's nothing that says I can't still do it, but it seems so wasteful going store-to-store any more. Now I can put in the name of the thing I want, and within a couple of seconds, the computer says, "There's one for sale in Brazil. Here's what it costs, here's the price in U.S. dollars, do you want to use PayPal?" And five minutes later I'm on about my business, having traded my sense of satisfaction and accomplishment for several hours (or days) of saved time. Worth it? I don't know. What do you think?

    1. Hola Cap'n!
      I'm trying to get back on track with SOMETHING!!! The new library will look fantastic when the new bookcases go in, the rest of the books come out of storage, and the rug and armchairs are installed!!

      I still go hunting in actual shops - I can't resist the smell of a good second hand book store. It's finding them these days that's the biggest issue. I do hunt online now, and my more recent treasures have come via eBay, of all places. Good value, fast deliveries, what's not to love?! I still love the physical hunt through shelves much more though...