Monday, 21 October 2013

What does your book pile say about you?

I found the funniest link on Facebook today, courtesy of The Librarian, and just had to share it here... Please feel free to identify yourselves, and if you're game, leave me a comment to say which pile is most representative of you. At the moment, due to financial and mobility constraints, not to mention the fact that we're moving - AGAIN - I'm No.1. However, there will be more room in the new place. The rest of my books can come back out of storage (cue shopping trip for more bookcases). I will have a study again - my own space where the books can, potentially, pile up all over the place!

So, go have a look, enjoy, and let me know:


  1. Hi, Kaz! I checked out the link! I love the idea of putting books in fireplaces!

    Anyway, is that a photo of your book pile? I love it! I've read 2 from those books -- The Middlesteins and The Silver Linings Playbook. I enjoyed both!

    My book pile is constantly changing! Right now, I have Proust beside me, and also George R. R. Martin!

  2. Hi Peter,

    How come I was almost positive you'd be the first person to comment on this post???!!!!

    The pic is a bit of a cheat - it's part of my to be read again in order to post about the books cos I've read them all, but they were victims of my slower posting since I got sick.

    I do have two new books to get to - both DB's...he's still reading one of them though. So, hopefully, I can get more disciplined about the second round of the original pile - and this pic only shows a fraction of how big that is - and get some posts up over the next month or so!

    Proust...oy! I've not got to Proust yet...