Sunday, 30 June 2013

Finding that elusive title....

I've been laid low with a chronic illness going berserk, so it's been work, couch and sleep for the last few weeks. Today, The Valkyrie came and took me out for an airing. Bit of browsing in antique shops, bit of lunch, bit of vital grocery shopping - DB's away, so the extra set of hands was invaluable.

However, reason for this post... You know that lovely moment when you're browsing a bookcase in a secondhand shop or antique market, not really expecting to find anything, it's a dry spell in the stuff you like to collect? And then...a spine catches your eye, and you think to yourself (as I did), 'NO way!' - but, it really is... Bonus...with a dust jacket, and in good nick, and a fourth edition of a series of small print runs...

Remember this post:  ?

One of my very favourite reads, a feel-good little gem by Paul Gallico that I finally re-read in January after finding a new paperback edition, because my original hardcover had gone AWOL (I am still hoping it's mistakenly in storage). Today, for the princely sum of $4.00...I found one:
Happy dance in the Sydney Antique Market - which brought The Valkyrie running to see what all the excitement was. She gets it, although, books aren't her thing in the same way they are mine.

What was your last unexpected treasure find?

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