Saturday, 9 March 2013

Another kids and books in the future moment...

Another one from The History Teacher, who is also a book junkie! Slow morning at my house - a little Facebooking (a little for work...a new and most entertaining little task), some reading (just wait and see what will be being posted soon...) and a lot of procrastinating because there is work waiting for me... And this made me laugh, way too good not to share with you all:


  1. Hi Kaz love the cartoon but I really stopped by to see if you saw a program on sbs last night called Sex and sensibility about art nouveau in Britain, it featured the Watt chapel. If you missed it you can get it on sbs on demand:

  2. Hi Arabella,

    No I didn't. Thanks for the heads up - I'll watch it online.

  3. Hahahahaha. I love that kid already!

    1. I know, Peter - excellent child!!! And may there be many more like it!

  4. Hi Kaz I just read your comment this morning, don't worry about doing a special post and putting up link if your busy, I know the feeling. I have included your name in the list of participants and I will put up a link to everyone at the end of the month, I will link to your Noel Streatfeild post. I decided this is about promoting reading and older titles that sometimes get overlooked not about promoting the blog. Thanks again for your support.